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Grocery Stores Across Central Washington are Seeing a Lack of Dairy and Other Essential Items.

Grocery stores across Central Washington are seeing a decrease in dairy items due to the Washington and Oregon Mountain Pass shutdowns. Dairy farmers have told us they are having to dump milk due to the freeway shutdowns across both states. Most of the milk found in Safeway, Walmart, Walgreens, and Winco come from King, Pierce, and Lewis counties.

While the Moses Lake Walmart sells Local Moses Lake eggs by Willamette Egg Farm on Rd 7, they are currently all out of eggs. The Willamette company ships eggs across the Northwest and most of their vehicles are stuck in Western Washington and Oregon.

Currently, The Walmart in Moses Lake has no eggs and very little stock on milk and won’t have any in till Friday at the latest.

Semi trucks will have to go back to the farms for a fresh shipment. That’s what will take the longest said the WSDOT, WSP, and King County Sheriffs.

Stores in Othello are also out of Milk and won’t know when they will get their next shipment in.

Water bottles are also having trouble getting here. Winco Foods here in Moses Lake said they are running out of water bottle packs. Washington State receives 80% of its water bottles from Hope British Columbia, Canada and with the Cascades receiving treacherous amounts of snowfall water is also on delay. There is no word on when the next shipment of water will arrive at local stores.

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