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How Tim Eyman's I-976 will affect the Moses Lake area

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Downtown ML water break. Emergency repair of April 27th 2019 Photo By: Brandon Sanchez MLWA 7

- Moses Lake, WA

Tim Eyman’s Initiativeiative 976 was passed by the people of Washington by 52.93% 969,579 votes. The initiative was opposed by 47.07% of those who are eligible to vote ranging in at 862,210 of those who were registered that voted.

The Initiative is aimed to reduce the car tab fee to a cap fee of $30. However, Tim Eyman’s Initiative will cut $60 million in funding to 150 major Washington towns and cities on both sides the cascades along with cutting Washington State Patrol’s budget ($15 million a year at risk). The fee cut comes from the reduced fee set in place in each Washington town and city. In Moses Lake and Wenatchee the fee is the state average at $20 with Spokane at $20 and Seattle at $80.

The new initiative will put Moses Lake's budget at risk to pay for road construction, maintenance and local transit service. On April, 27th of 2019 a 17in pipe on E 5th Ave ruptured requiring the City of ML to pass an emergency resolution to fix the pipe. The resolution allowed the city to waive the formal bidding process. The city approved a contract with Pegram Construction, based out of Othello, WA to complete the about $113,500 project.

Downtown ML water break. Emergency