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How to protect yourself from unemployment scams during the COVID-19 pandemic

- Ephrata, WA

Unemployment scams and COVID-19 If you’re recently unemployed or know someone who is, it’s smart to learn how to recognize unemployment-benefits scams and how to help protect yourself against such frauds. — Avoid giving access to your bank account other than those whom you have authorized. Only scammers will demand that you provide them with your personal information, such as Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, debit and credit cards, or PINs in order to receive stimulus funding; — Avoid suggestions of paying any amount of money to receive stimulus. There is no "grant" money. You will not be asked to pay any money, including a "processing fee," to receive a stimulus check; — ​Check your mailbox frequently to ward off theft. If your mailbox has a lock, make it accessible to you in the event you receive stimulus funding by a physical check in your mailbox; — ​Beware of entering your personal or financial information into phishing websites that appear to look like legitimate government websites; and — ​Do not share personal information with any person or website that asks for it related to the federal stimulus package. If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, you may file a complaint with the Washington Employment Security Department on their website,

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