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Inslee issues proclamation for Washington COVID-19 Food Production Paid Leave Program

- Olympia, WA

Gov. Jay Inslee issued this week a proclamation that sets forth the parameters for the Washington COVID-19 Food Production Paid Leave Program. The proclamation follows the governor's announcement on Monday, and will go into effect on August 18, 2020. 

The program provides a $3 million fund to support workers in the food production industry who are unable to obtain leave through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. These workers are often ineligible for other forms of paid leave, even when exposed to COVID-19. 

"We must support every family affected by the virus, especially those who lack the necessary means to quarantine or isolate and prevent further spread," Inslee said. 

Further details of the reimbursement program will be issued by Washington’s Department of Commerce within the coming days. 

Read the full proclamation here

Inslee also announced the extension of proclamation 20-22, which waives/suspends restrictions on truck driver hours. The original proclamation was issued on March 18, and is now extended through September 14, 2020. 

Read the full proclamation here

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