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Law enforcement officials not ruling out abduction as a motive in Friday night’s assault in Ephrata

-Ephrata, WA

Ephrata law enforcement along with the Grant County Sheriff’s office have provided an update of Friday night’s assault saying they are not ruling out abduction as a motive in connection to the assault.

Ephrata police said a 14-year-old teenager was walking home in the 200 block of G Street NW at 4:30am when she walked past a person who turned around and chased her.

According to Ephrata Police Chief Eric Koch, the suspect grabbed the teenage girl, held her and began to drag her off the street. The girl then began to scream as the man tried to put his hand over her mouth. Koch says the young woman managed to break free. The girl sustained minor injuries and said the man who assaulted her stole her cell phone.

When Ephrata, and the Grant County Sheriffs arrived at the scene the 14-year-old girl was screaming and a male subject was seen running away. They mistakenly arrested the man who was running away from the scene. The sheriffs office stated that the first man apprehended was running because on his record was a misdemeanor warrant.

The suspect in connection to the assault, is still at-large, the 14 year-old girl described the suspect as a Latin-American male in his early 20s, he is six feet tall with a “scruffy” beard.

Those with information to Friday’s nights assault or know of the suspects presence can call the Grant County Sheriffs Office (GCSO) at +1(509)762-1160 or can contact the office anonymously by email at you can also contact Ephrata PD at +1(509)762-1160

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