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Let’s go racing Officer? Man leads MLPD officers on a high speed chase south of ML

-Moses Lake, WA

According to MLPD their pursuit just south of ML was in result to a man wanting to race an officer. The driver 25-year-old Mose Lake resident Wesley Ball was noticed by MLPD while in a parking lot on E. Kittlson Rd. Ball then told MLPD officers that he wanted to go racing and race the officers. Wesley Ball began to drive erratically in the parking lot before driving off at high speeds onto the 17-highway southbound. Hall then turned right onto Potato Frontage then making an immediate turn onto Baseline Rd E. then turned left onto Potato Hill RD SE.

Wesley Ball was driving a white car when he entered the Moses Lake Sand Dunes Park where he went off the main road and got his vehicle stuck in the deep sand. According to MLPD Ball was found to have a suspended drivers license, he was then apprehended and taken into custody in Ephrata at the Grant County Jail. Before the chase MLPD officers said Wesley used methamphetamine.

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