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Local Business Owner’s Charges Dropped due to Lack of Evidence

Updated: May 14, 2019

— Moses Lake

A charge of unlawful imprisonment was dismissed Tuesday afternoon against a local Moses Lake businesses owner after no further evidence was submitted into the trial.

The local businesses owner Nathan Pack owner of “Pack’s Taxi & Delivery” was arrested Jan. 1 at his home near downtown Moses Lake after a 911 call by his mother-in-law, stating Pack blocked his wife from leaving a bedroom with his son (her step-son) during an argument.

Pack’s wife told MLPD police officers that her and Pack were arguing in the bedroom about where their children will live. Pack and his wife were reportedly going through a divorce at the time of the arrest. Pack’s wife told MLPD that Pack became aggressive and she was trying to leave while holding one of their two sons. MLPD Police said at the time of the arrest that Pack blocked his wife from leaving the bedroom.

When officers arrived at the home, Pack’s wife was interviewed outside the home. When officers arrived they knocked on the door several times, and rang the doorbell to get Pack out of the room. When Pack eventually came out of his residence he was arrested after cooperating with MLPD police officers.

Since the arrest, Pack’s attorney, Robert Schiffner of Moses Lake, says no further evidence was submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

During Pack’s first appearance, a judge did not find a probable cause for the charge. The judge also stated that there would have to be more details including how long Pack kept his wife from leaving in order for the case to continue.

Nathan Pack’s attorney Schiffner stated that Deputy Prosecutor Daniel Crawford informed him that although Crawford believed probable cause existed at the time Pack was arraigned,

“he does not believe he can proceed in prosecuting this matter…without further evidence,” according to court records.

The judge dismissed Pack’s charges without prejudice, meaning prosecutor’s could refile charges if more evidence is presented. Along with Pack’s Taxi and Delivery, Pack also owns and operates the Moses Lake based Grant County News.

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