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Local Channels in the Moses Lake Market are Changing. Rescan TV’s

— Washington State

Americans depend on their local broadcast stations for the most trusted news, weather and emergency information – not to mention the best entertainment on TV.

By law, many TV stations are moving to new frequencies between now and 2020. Any time after a station moves, rescan your TV or converter box to continue to receive your local TV stations. Rescanning is when your TV finds all of the available channels in your area. Because stations must move at different times, you may need to rescan your TV more than once. No new devices, equipment or services are needed to rescan, the only customers that are needed to re scan are those with antennas.

Stations in the 98837 (Moses Lake) market that are changing are KCDT PBS - Public Television 26 (Spokane) in Oct 18, 2019. Others include Q6 NBC, KXLY 4 ABC, and KREM 2 CBS all are in Spokane and will affect the 98837 market area and customers are asked to call the stations to request the change date.

KREM 2 CBS Spokane, +1 (509) 448-2000

KXLY 4 ABC Spokane, +1 (509) 324-4000

KHQ 6 NBC Spokane, +1 (509) 448-6000

KSPS PBS Spokane, ‭+1 (509) 443-7800‬

Other stations in Washington that are changing frequencies are Univision Seattle-Tacoma October 19, 2019 - January 17, 2020, KING 5 NBC Seattle October 19, 2019 - January 17, 2020, KOMO 4 ABC Seattle October 19, 2019 - January 17, 2020, KIRO 7 CBS October 19, 2019 - January 17, 2020, and Q13 News Seattle FOX K42CM-D - FOX 42, Customers are asked to contact FOX K42CM-D - FOX 42 for more details at +1 (206) 674-1313

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