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Local grocery store caught selling contaminated Romaine Lettuce from North Central California

Photo By: Ronan Furuta

- Moses Lake,WA

Grant County Health District sent out a notice to all grocery stores to not sell romaine lettuce from Salinas, California.

GCHD Administrator Theresa Adkinson went out to vairus grocery stores in the Moses Lake area and caught multiple stores still selling the contaminated lettuce. The romaine lettuce was first recalled sometime before September 24th - November 10th.

Grocery Outlet in the north side of M.L. was caught selling the Salinas lettuce. Grocery Outlet then pulled the product from their shelves on Sunday. Harvest Foods and , Mendoza Market (both in Mattawa) and Sandoval’s Market in Royal City were also selling the e-coli infected lettuce.

When local restaurants who had the infected lettuce have had or have now posted signs informing customers that they’ve temporarily fixed the salad items from the menu.

The lettuce was tracked from the California city of Salinas in northern California 60 miles (96.56 km) south of San Jose.

10,000 lbs of lettuce has been reported affected by the virus and sickening 21 nationwide with one of the infected consumers in King County. The warning applies to whole heads of romaine as well as packages of pre-made salad mixes containing romaine.

Consumers — as well as restaurants and retailers — should double-check the label on any romaine lettuce products they may have to see if the label says “Salinas” on it. If it does, or if there is no growing region listed, the CDC recommends not eating the product and immediately throwing it away. Out of 40 reported cases, which have occurred across 16 states, there have been 28 reported hospitalizations. Additionally, five people have developed a type of kidney failure called hemolytic uremic syndrome, according to the CDC.

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