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M.L. teenager arrested for theft of two vehicles. Two others apprehended

— Moses Lake, WA

A 17-year-old teenager was arrested Thursday after the 17-year-old traded his grandmother’s stolen moped and ATV for marijuana and alcohol.

Sheriff Deputies of Grant County got a tip from the teenager’s grandmother, a Moses Lake resident who reported that they suspected their 17-year-old granddaughter stole their moped and quad ATV.

The 17-year-old allegedly exchanged the vehicles with James Ward, 42 of M.L. and Sandra Gleave, 38 of M.L. for alcohol and marijuana.

Sheriff deputies were gained a search warrant and found 8.5 lbs of marijuana inside Ward’s and Gleave’s motorhome.

The teenager was arrested with two counts of theft of a motor vehicle. Sheriff deputies also apprehended Ward and Gleave for the possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture or deliver and distribution of narcotics to a minor.

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