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Major measures to look at tonight on Election Night

Prop 1 Grant County

Prop 1 of Grant County is a 0.3 tax increase initiative for all towns and cities inside the Grant County limits. 0.3% is equal to 30 cents on a $100.00 purchase. The prop is to build a new jail in Ephrata. Over the last 20 years the facility has been remodeled, re-configured, and re-purposed to accommodate the growing inmate population. Originally designed and built for 85 beds back in the 1980’s, it’s since been reconfigured to hold 198 beds – all in the same footprint from 1980’s.

The officer-to-population ratio for our surrounding counties

Adams County Sheriff’s Office – 2018 – 1.49 Deputies per 1000 population / 1930 sq

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – 2018 – 1.71 Deputies per 1000 population / 2339 sq

Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office – 2018 – 1.66 Deputies per 1000 population / 2333 sq

Grant County Sheriff’s Office – 2018 – 1.18 Deputies per 1000 population  / 2791 sq

The current GCSO budget compare to Adams, Kittitas, and Lincoln Sheriff’s Offices

Adams County Sheriff’s Office –  Annual Budget (2019) – $1,414,854

   Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Annual Budget (2019) – $1,703,657

  Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office – Annual Budget (2018) – $8,233,324 (Patrol/Jail)

  Grant County Sheriff’s Office –  Annual Budget – (2019)

  Patrol/Support – $8,993,713 / Jail – $6,266,449

Current jail’s capacity compare to Adams, Kittitas, and Lincoln Counties?

Adams County Sheriff’s Office – Jail size – 30 bed facility

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Jail Size – 30 bed facility

Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office – Jail Size – 45 in the 80’s, 209 beds in 2012

Grant County Sheriff’s Office – Jail Size – 84 beds in 1986, 185 beds in 1997

The initiative plan does not state what new correction officials will get paid from the new 0.3% tax increase nor does it say how much deputies will get in a raise from the new proposed tax increase.

The initiative does not state where the new tax money revenue will be devoted to pay for the new jail, bonds and payments. The courthouse stated

"It’s still too early to predict percentages, however the priority now is the passage of Proposition 1".

Another frequently asked question about Prop. 1 is what percent of revenue will be saved for reserves, grant applications, and/or other items? The courthouse replied saying,

The priority is to build a new jail. Voters in Benton County were upset due to the county not spending money acquired in a similar manner on what they stated they would.

Tim Eyman's I-976

Tim Eyman's Initiative-976 will limit annual license fees for vehicles weighing under 10,000 pounds at $30 except voter-approved charges;Base vehicle taxes on the Kelley Blue Book value rather than 85% of the manufacturer's base suggested retail price; and Repeal authorization for certain regional transit authorities, such as Sound Transit, to impose motor vehicle excise taxes.

Going into the election, Washington residents had to pay:

  • A standard vehicle fees for basic passenger cars of $38.75 that included the basic renewal fee of $30, county filing fee of $3, license service fee of $0.75, and a service fee of $5.

  • A vehicle weight fee of $25 for vehicles weighing around 4,000 pounds, $45 for vehicles weighing around 6,000 pounds, and $65 for vehicles weighing around 8,000.

  • Local taxes and fees such as a transportation benefit district (TBD) fee may be levied and vary from $0-100. For example