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Man arrested in Spokane Valley for stabbing child, an assaulting 3 adults

- Spokane Valley, WA

A Spokane Valley man was arrested for stabbing a child, assaulting three adults along with running from police in a stolen car. This happened on the 3500 block of N. Velox in the valley.

According to KHQ of Spokane 43-year-old James D. Neill was arrested Sunday on multiple charges after stabbing a young child, assaulting three other adults, and fleeing police in a stolen car. Reports say that Neill, who had reportedly been using methamphetamine, was staying at the home and was sitting at the kitchen table when at about 10:05am he suddenly stood up, grabbed a butcher-style knife, and walked up behind the first victim, a man in his 60s. He apparently ran the dull side of the knife across the man's throat, only giving him a small cut on the neck, possibly caused by the point of the knife. The victim broke free and ran out of the back door to the home, yelling for help. 

KHQ also reported that The second victim tried to use the crowbar to open the window to the bedroom from the outside, but Neill had broken down the door, injuring the woman who was trying to hold it closed. Neill then stabbed the 4-year-old child in the upper torso. The second victim ran back inside and hit Neill several times with the crowbar, possibly breaking the knife with one of the strikes. Neill gained control of the crowbar and fled the house after stealing one of the victim's cars. At some point, Neill also slashed the back of a small dog. 

Story By; KHQ 6 Spokane, WA

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