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Mason’s coming to Samaritan Pioneer Clinic’s INSPIRE Café

INSPIRE Café is scheduled to open Monday, November 2.

Written by MLWA 7 Staff

MOSES LAKE — If you work in Samaritan Healthcare’s clinic on Pioneer Way in Moses Lake and constantly need an energy boost, you’re in luck.

On Friday, the Samaritan Healthcare Foundation announced that Mason’s will be moving into the INSPIRE Café in the next few weeks.

Mason’s Place, which was founded by Heather Mason in 2015, first came to fruition after Heather opened up a coffee shop in the Smith Martin Building, located at 102 East Third Avenue. In 2019, Heather opened up Rise & Shine by Mason’s, which is located at 5219 Patton Boulevard Northeast.

“We are thrilled to announce some exciting #FoundationFriday news….we have someone moving into the INSPIRE Café at Pioneer Clinic very soon! Help us welcome Heather Mason and her team to the Samaritan Family,” the Samaritan Healthcare Foundation stated. “Heather shared with us that joining the Samaritan Family means more to her than most will realize,” the statement added.

“My father was a Hospital Commissioner, my mother in the medical field and worked at Wenatchee Valley Clinic here in town. On top of all of that, my grandmother served more years as a volunteer than I can count! Samaritan has a very happy place in my heart and I am thrilled to work with the staff and the greater Moses Lake community,” Mason said via the foundation.

INSPIRE Café is scheduled to open Monday, November 2. The foundation said more details will be shared in the coming weeks.

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