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MLPD finding two people passed out in vehicle due to inhalation of heroin

PHOTO: Moses Lake Police Department

- Downtown Moses Lake, WA

MLPD found two people passed out in a vehicle due to the inhalation of heroin. Moses Lake police stopped to attend a vehicle that was parked illegally in a handicapped stall in front of the Ross and Famous Footwear stores on North Stratford Road. The officer noticed two people passed out in the front seats, reportedly with heroin and drug paraphernalia.

According to an MLPD officer the usage of heroin was noticeable on the people in the vehicle. 25 year old Taylor Hermsmeier Rogers and 19 year old Cassandra Rand, of Ritzville,were the two occupants in the vehicle and both had federal warrants for possession and conspiracy to distribute heroin and methamphetamine. ATF served a search warrant last month at a property in Ritzville and had found narcotics and firearms.

The two suspects were booked into Grant County Jail in Ephrata on outstanding warrants along with the possession of heroin and methamphetamine. Officers served a search warrant on the vehicle and recovered methamphetamine, heroin, and paraphernalia.

MLPD said the two suspects were in M.L. for a stop at the Department of Social and Health Services to get more information on the start of visitation services for parental rights for their 4-month-old child. The 4-month-old child was not with the two parents when they were arrested Tuesday night.

- MLWA 7

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