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MLPD officer unable to pursue reckless motorcyclist due to new Washington police reform laws


- Moses Lake, WA

The Moses Lake Police Department had their hands tied around 10:00pm when a motorcyclist drove past an on duty deputy. According to MLPD the driver was reportedly driving at high rates of speed past the officer multiple times. When the MLPD officer activated his lights the motorcyclist fled leaving the officer unable to pursue the driver due to Washington's new bill HB 1054 that limits the use of tear gas, bans the use of chokeholds and neck restraints and restricts vehicle pursuits to only when police officers have probable cause.

MLPD said later that night the same motorcyclist blew past a stop light on SR-17 by the 90-freeway interchange side-swiping a vehicle and heavily damaging the motorcycle. The rider was able to remount his motorcycle upright and flee the scene leaving a trail of fluids and debris. According to MLPD while the vehicle that was side swiped experienced significant damage the driver of the car was not hurt.

Police were able to follow the oils, and debris from the motorcycle into a residential area behind Moses Lake High School and are currently working to identify the suspect. If anyone has any information or sees any activity in the neighborhood where MLPD followed the debris and oil contact (509)764-3900 with the reference case number 21ML11403

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