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Moses Lake School bus involved in a collision near the Moses Lake High School

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

- Moses Lake, WA

Just before 7:40am Wednesday morning a Moses Lake school bus was involved in a collision with two other vehicles on Pilgrim St. just outside the Moses Lake High School (MLHS) south side parking lot.

MLPD officers were called to the scene along with the Moses Lake High School principle, and two vice principles. Earlier that night a low front unexpectedly re produced small to heavy bands of snow across Central and Eastern Washington bringing more snow accumulations than axpected causing icy conditions for the morning commute.

The white chevrolet was driven by a MLHS student and suffered minor injuries because of the airbag's deployment. The other vehicle struck the back of the school bus. The driver of the car was also an MLHS student and suffered no injuries.

MLPD reminds everyone to give extra time for your commutes and on downtown roads to give more than a car and a half distance between you and the vehicle in front of you during icy conditions.