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Moses Lake School District provides update into alleged misconduct during varsity basketball game

Written by MLWA 7 Staff

MOSES LAKE - The Moses Lake School District posted an update late Tuesday night regarding an ongoing investigation into alleged racial remarks that were reportedly exchanged during a varsity basketball game between Davis High School on Saturday night.

The Moses Lake School District says an independent investigation is underway and will provide a complete review of the situation. District officials also stated that there are a few key facts that are being posted online that are “inaccurate.”

According to the school district, none of the allegations involve athletes from Moses Lake High School, including cheerleaders, coaches, band players or other students participating in an official capacity. “Allegations to the contrary are not substantiated in any way,” the district stated in a press release.

The school district also says reports that five officers from the Moses Lake Police Department escorted students from Moses Lake High School to their bus is not accurate. Officials added that two officers with MLPD were present and in attendance at the game, the same with all basketball games.

“For many years Moses Lake High School Athletics has worked to create a coordinated atmosphere that creates safety and well being for all participants. Part of that service is a partnership with the Moses Lake Police Department to assist with general event and crowd management,” the school district stated.

In a rebuttal, the district says while they have received over twenty reports of the alleged incident, the reports include “both allegations presented and statements of clarification” in support of Moses Lake attendees. “It is deceptive to report that the district has received 20 separate allegations,” the press release stated.

“We are confident that the thorough investigation of this situation will be comprehensive and provide full clarity. More information will be provided when available,” school district officials said.

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