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Moses Lake School District to cancel school related indoor activities in response to COVID-19

Photo By: Brandon Sanchez

- Moses Lake, WA

The Moses Lake School District has decided to cancel all upcoming indoor activities in the district including indoor sports related activities.

In an email sent out to all district staff and MLHS Students the district stated,

"The health and safety of our students, staff and community members will always come first. As part of our prevention efforts for COVID-19 and under the advisory of the Grant County Health District, we are implementing new social distancing precautions."

Classes will continue across the district with assemblies and chief madness night being canceled along with canceling sadies later this month.

The cancellation specifically impacts:

● All non-school organized indoor activities

● Public meetings

● Public events/functions (dances, plays, concerts, parent nights, banquets)

● Use of the Moses Lake High School Pool & Swim Lessons

● Athletic/extracurricular indoor practices