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The new SR-99 Tunnel in Downtown Seattle will cause confusion for most drivers when it opens on February 4th. Those of you that travel to Seattle for work, famil, baseball, football games ec. the viaduct will no longer be an option to get into and out off the Sodo District. The viaduct is being replaced with a safer tunnel that will take traffic on a direct trip from SODO to the Seattle Center. During the first day of the tunnels opening it will be the worst for drivers across the Puget Sound. If you are traveling to the Western half of the state please be prepared for longer commute times, unexpected slowdowns and traffic re-directions. There will be a toll on the SR-99 Tunnel, the good to go pass prices range from $1.00-$2.25 and by mail it will range from

$3.25-$4.25. Please visit the WSDOT’S YouTube page for more Information and instructions on how to navigate through traffic jams and the new tunnel.

WSDOT YouTube Page

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