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Othello High School to move to remote learning till October 14, with 200 students in quarantine

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

- Othello, WA

The Othello School District will have Othello High School to begin remote learning today September 21st till October 1st and will fully return on October 14th as more than 200 students were sent home to quarantine after COVID-19 exposures. On an online statement, the district said athletics and clubs will continue with practice and games during the distance and blended learning periods, unless we see a spike in COVID cases among athletes and the decisions will be made on a team by team basis.

On Oct.4, the AM/PM schedule will begin, students living outside of Othello's city limits will attend from 8:30-11:18 a.m. Students living inside the city limits will attend later in the day from 12:23-3:20 p.m. The school district said students will be able to return to full-time in person learning classes on Oct.18, as long as COVID-19 levels decline. The plan is subject to change based on COVID activity levels.

In a statement the district said,

"We are developing a plan to incorporate COVID testing as a protective measure when we return to in-person learning. Details will be shared soon. We realize this creates an inconvenience for most families. Please understand, we are taking these steps to protect the safety of our students, staff, and families. Thank you."
They continued to say, It is important that students remain socially distanced and safe. This is not a time to congregate in groups without masks and without social distancing. If our COVID levels remain high, we will not be able to reopen as planned. Please take note that many students have younger siblings in other schools, their decisions may lead to negative impacts at those schools as well. We need your cooperation to keep our schools safe and open. If your student is diagnosed with COVID or is notified of a close contact with a positive case, please quarantine and contact our office immediately.
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