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Police investigating after a teen was run over by a trailer at Lumberjack Days Parade in Orofino

— Orofino, ID

The Orofino Police Department are investigating

an accident that injured a teen during the Lumberjack Days Parade on Sept. 14. According to the Orofino Police Department, a 13-year-old boy was run over by the trailer of a large truck along the parade route near Michigan and Johnson Avenues.

The driver of the truck said he was taking the curve from Michigan Ave. onto Johnson Ave. when he lost view of the right side of his trailer. Witnesses said the teen was walking along the Debco Construction float in the parade, handing out candy, when his he was ran over.

The teen suffered a serious leg injury and had to be Life-Flighted to Spokane for emergency treatment.

Orofino investigators said it's still unclear if the teen stumbled and fell under the wheel of the truck, or if the side of the trailer knocked the teen over and under the wheel.

The teen is still recovering in the hospital, making it difficult for investigators to talk with him.

by Colette Buck

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