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Positive COVID-19 cases reported at a MLSD school district building, unknown case number

The Moses Lake School District reported around 4:25pm Friday September 25th that a few positive cases were reported within the district. The district sent out a Facebook post stating

"We are working in quickly in conjunction with the Health Department to notify all individuals and cohorts believed to have been exposed or in contact with COVID-positive persons."

The district has not said what buildings are under the 2 week quarantine and if the confirmed infections are from students and/or staff members. The school district have closed the Moses Lake High School for full online learning for the first semester (depending on health conditions), however staff are allowed in the building. All elementary and middle school buildings are open to full in person learning or their hybrid options.

On September 9th the Royal City school district had 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases both were from students and staff. The Moses Lake School District has been open to students for only 5 days. Dr Alexander Brzezny Grant County Health's Officer said in a MLSD school board meeting that these cases will begin to show and could most likely spread quickly if the district doesn't take firm quick actions.

Dr. Brzenzly said following the Royal School District outbreak,

"The decision to close the schools will be based on finding spread or outbreaks on school premises or on the buses.”

This is a Breaking News event and will be updated when more information becomes available please stay tuned with MLWA7News

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