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Race to Olympia

With Gov. Jay Inslee running for the 2020 Presidential Debate it will bring in new faces for the 2020 race to Olympia here in Washington State with 11 potential candidates from both parties.

While it's too early to tell if there will be more candidates entering or leaving the race this is what we know so far.


There are five democratic candidates running for the governor's position here in Washington State. With a candidate from the east side of the Cascades, with Lisa Brown from Spokane County. The candidates running are as follows in the pictures, Hilary Franz, Dow Constantine, Lisa Brown, Bob Ferguson and current Governor Jay Inslee.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson polled at 24.6 percent of 400 likely 2020 voters. Among just Democrats, Ferguson garnered 45 percent of support and would likely lead the democrats to the primaries. Second in the lead is King County Executive Dow Constantine coming in at 6.2 percent (14 percent of Democrats), followed by third on the polls, state Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz at 1.8 percent (5 percent of Dems). Current Governor Jay Inslee has said he will file a third term governor candidacy along with his presidential race. While Washington has no limit on terms a current governor can file for a governors candidacy for as many terms as he or she pleases.

The Governor's Office has been ran by a Democratic candidate for 34 years with the last republican governor to take office in 1981 by John Spellman who only served one term. The Democratic party was also the first political party to have control of the governor's office when the state of Washington was part of the Washington territory in 1853.