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Rep. Dan Newhouse (R) calls out Gov. Inslee on not allowing South Central Region to re-open

- Kennewick, WA

Congressman Dan New House (R) published a press release calling out Governor Jay Inslee on not allowing Washington's South Central Region to re-open following a press conference allowing seven other regions to advance to Phase 2.

After the Puget Sound Region moved into Phase 2 the governor eased the criteria to allow an easier way for regions to advance to Phase 2. Counties must now meet three of the following four metrics to be allowed to proceed.

  • 10% decreasing trend in case rates

  • 10% decrease in coronavirus hospital admission rates

  • ICU occupancy that’s less than 90%

  • Test positivity rate that’s less than 10%

The South Central region failed to meet two metrics – hospital admissions and test positivity rate.

Here is Dan Newhouse's statement.

“Since the beginning of this pandemic, Governor Inslee has failed to lead our state based on clear facts and unambiguous scientific guidelines. He has shown no effort to understand the unique challenges of Central Washington, and his ever-changing metrics have unfairly targeted our region, despite the progress we have made.
In response to his baseless orders and restrictions being called out by members of his own party, he backtracked and moved their regions into Phase 2, leaving our rural region - which is already disproportionately disadvantaged - behind.
There is simply no scientific reason businesses following the safety guidance in opened areas are any more safe than Central Washington’s businesses following the same guidelines. These are real people’s lives and livelihoods at stake, and keeping us shuttered away - despite evidence of successful reopening in regions like ours across the country - is causing more long-term damage than he seems to care to realize.
Enough is enough. It is time our state legislators, local health boards, and health officials take the lead on implementing safety measures and monitoring for adjustments as needed. Governor Inslee has failed the people of Central Washington and lost all credibility.”

The South Central region is comprised of six counties: Benton, Franklin, Yakima, Walla Walla, Kittitas and Columbia. Of the state’s 36 counties broken into eight regions, only these six counties will remain locked down until the COVID rates drop and meet with others across the state.

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