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Representative Tom Dent Back to Work After Emergency Hospital Visit in Olympia

— Olympia WA

Representative Tom Dent of Moses Lake was taken to a local hospital after reports of chest pain. The Republican Representative was experiencing dizziness on the floor of State House of Representatives. Emergency medical were called to the State Capital grounds and transported Rep. Dent to Providence St Peter Hospital 4.5miles east of the State Capital.

“Initially there was speculation I had a heart attack,” Dent stated. "They ran numerous tests, including a CAT scan, which revealed my heart is in good condition. I have been recovering from a serious case of walking pneumonia the last couple weeks. The doctor informed me if I experienced dizziness, I should go to the hospital. Calling for emergency medical personnel was a precautionary action. “Though my energy is low, I am feeling fine, I want to thank everyone for their concern, thoughts and prayers. There were numerous people around me offering their assistance. I encourage everyone to make their health and well-being a priority. Not only for themselves, but for their families as well. We work long and demanding hours in Olympia and it is important we take care of ourselves.”

Representative Dent also stated that his electrolyte levels became low due to dehydration and the lingering effect of Walking Pneumonia. Dent was given fluids at the hospital and released Wednesday evening and was back at work Thursday Morning.

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