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Safeway, Albertsons paying ALL WORKERS $2 an hour emergency pay during COVID-19 pandemic

Written by MLWA 7 Staff

MOSES LAKE - Safeway and Albertsons will be providing all of their workers across the country with $2 an hour emergency pay during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new agreement reached this week.

Starting on Saturday, Safeway and Albertsons stores across the country will be installing plexiglass shields at check-out stands to protect cashiers, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) stated Friday afternoon.

UFCW International President Marc Perrone applauded the move by Safeway.

“After close talks between Safeway and UFCW, the union representing over 1.3 million grocery store and food processing workers, we are proud to support the significant wage increase adopted by Safeway, one of America’s largest supermarket companies. Safeway and the UFCW both recognize that grocery store workers are on the frontlines of this crisis,” Perrone stated. “They are vital to our food supply, and serving the needs of millions of American families. What Safeway did today shows real leadership. They worked with our union family and they recognized the incredible hard work and sacrifices that our members and all grocery workers are making every single day across this nation. This pay increase will not only help protect these workers and support their families, it will also ensure they are able to continue to perform an absolutely vital role in our communities. We hope that this sends a message to every supermarket, grocery store, and food retail employer – union and non-union – across this country that it is time for every company to recognize the sacrifice America’s food workers are making – sacrifices that Safeway has rightfully recognized and which other companies must also recognize. At a time of such national crisis, where food is so vital, it is critical that every employer do more to protect our food supply and grocery stores by protecting the hardworking men and women who work there and keep them open,” he said.

Earlier in the week, the UFCW Local Unions 21, 367, and 1439 in Washington state announced a deal with Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer and QFC grocery stores that will provide two weeks of paid leave for their workers, increase childcare access, and protect healthcare coverage for any worker that becomes sick.

The UFCW represents 1.3 million workers in grocery, retail, and other industries across the country.

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