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Scabland Taxi under fire for alleged racial discrimination against customer

Written by MLWA 7 Staff

MOSES LAKE — A local taxi company is under fire for alleged racial discrimination against a customer on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, Maria Gomez explained the situation that unfolded on Saturday morning between herself, her mother, and Scabland Taxi, a transportation company based in Moses Lake.

“The gas attendant at the Chevron station was very nice in assisting with calling her a taxi since there is a language barrier. From the time it took Scabland Taxi to show up, my mother had found a family member to pick her up and bring her back to Pasco,” Gomez stated. “This individual by the name “G-O-D” states as you can hear in the videos that my mother approached the driver to let him know she didn’t need the service. He then says she was disrespectful by not giving the driver some dollars for wasting their time and their life. They called her multiple times after they left and texted her stating, “Go back to Mexico,” she added.

Scabland Taxi has not responded to the accusations of racial discrimination but the company deactivated its Facebook page on Saturday evening.

The employee allegedly involved in the incident declined to comment when contacted by MLWA 7 News. Instead of releasing a statement, the employee repeatedly sent MLWA 7 News a YouTube video and declined to give their side of the story multiple times.

At Scabland Taxi, each driver is an owner in the company. Each driver is an independent contractor, according to the company.

Gomez said on Facebook that the family was looking into pursuing legal action regarding the alleged discrimination but did not elaborate further.

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