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Selling An Item Over The Internet? Protect Yourself By Meeting At A Safe Exchange Zone

Written by MLWA 7 Staff

OTHELLO - If you’re selling an item in a ‘Buy, Sell or Trade’ group on Facebook or on the internet, where can you safely meet the buyer?

In the last few years, reports of robberies and exchanges of goods sold via the internet ‘gone bad’ have surfaced. How do you protect yourself and ensure everything will go smoothly?

In Othello, you can safely meet the buyer or seller at the Othello Police Station, located at 500 East Main Street in Othello. If you park in a parking spot around the police station, the area is under video surveillance and you have access to a direct line to MACC Dispatch in case things go wrong, according to police.

“Community safety is one of our top priorities,” Othello police stated.

The Pasco Police Department has a similar safe exchange zone around their police station, with access to two parking spaces that are under video surveillance by police.

“It’s two spaces that are under the watchful eye of the cameras here at the Pasco Police Department," Pasco Police Sgt. Scott Warren told KEPR.

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