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Student arrested Monday morning at Chief Moses Middle School in possession of a firearm

Chief Moses Middle School // PHOTO BY: Moses Lake School District

- Moses Lake, WA

Monday morning, MLPD was given information that a student had made threats to shoot up Chief Moses Middle School, and that the student was currently in possession of a firearm on campus. Because the juvenile is underage no information was released other than his grade.

MLPD said officers were dispatched to the school and were able to immediately find and remove the student from class. Officers recovered a pistol as well as two magazines of ammunition for the pistol. The weapon was secured and the eighth grade student was arrested.

According to MLPD, the student had a list of potential targets as well. The school district has notified parents who’s students were on the list, and are taking steps to offer services to affected staff and students.

“We would like to thank the concerned students who came forward and provided the information, and perhaps prevented an unspeakable tragedy. As always, if you see something, say something.” MLPD said in a media release.

If you or your student has any additional information on this case, the Moses Lake Police Department is asking you to contact Det. Chuck Paul at 764-3887.

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