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Subaru announced a recall of nearly half a million vehicles because of a problem with air bag reports that the recall affects more than 450,000 vehicles in 21 states, including all of New England. Models including 2010-2014 Tribecas, WRXs, Legacys and Outbacks, 2010-2011 Imprezas and 2010-2013 Foresters are being recalled. The automaker says long-term exposure to humidity and changing temperatures could cause the front passenger airbag inflator to explode. That explosion could send sharp metal fragments flying, running the risk of serious injury or death.

Subaru is notifying owners about the recall and dealers will replace the air bag inflator for free.

Subaru also stated this to it’s customers

Dear Owners,

Safety has been, and always will be, the driving force within every Subaru – from engineering to real-world results. It is one of the reasons you and your family have put trust in our brand, and we want to assure you that you have made the right choice. To stay true to our values, we are informing our owners of the Takata supplied airbag inflator recall – the largest recall in automotive history, currently affecting vehicles across the industry – and how your Subaru may be impacted.

This recall only relates to the passenger-side front airbag in certain Subaru vehicles, and does not affect our driver-side front airbags, which were not equipped with a Takata inflator. Therefore, if your vehicle requires a recall service, we recommend that occupants not use the front-passenger seat until the repair is performed.

To see if your vehicle has an open recall, use the VIN Search Tool. We encourage you to re-check every three months for updates. You can learn more about this recall from the National Highway Traffic Safety

If you have any questions about your Subaru click on Subaru’s Recall Link below

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