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Team Trees and the general public to plant 20 Million Trees to combat climate change

- The United States of America

The organization Team Trees lead by Jimmy Donaldson or known to the Internet as Mr. Beast has hit their target of planting over 20 million trees. This is one of the biggest movements to combat and fight against climate change and help eliminate the human carbon footprint.

Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast took to his YouTube channel and other social media outlets back in late October with the ambitious goal of raising enough money by 2020 to pay for the planting 20 million new trees, at $1 per tree.

The roots of this campaign (pun definitely intended), which is working in a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, took hold in an unexpected place. It all started back in May 2019, when the YouTuber Jimmy "Mr. Beast" Donaldson was looking for a way to celebrate after hitting 20 million subscribers.

He soon realized after asking fans for