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Train collides with semi-truck in Franklin County near the 395 freeway

Photo By: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

- Eltopia, WA

A train collided with a semi-truck in Eltopia Wednesday afternoon. No one was injured.

The Franklin County Sherif’s Office said the collision happened on the railroad tracks that cross Eltopia West Road near the 395 Highway around 1 p.m. this afternoon.

Photo by: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Deputies said the semi-truck driver was able to get out of his vehicle before the collision happened. Eltopia West Road is expected to be closed until about 5 p.m. Drivers are asked to use Sagemoor Road as a detour to and from Highway 395.

The train was hauling crude oil and the truck was transporting boxes of french fries according to the Sheriff’s office. The front locomotive of the train impacted the truck’s trailer causing it to split apart. The truck driver did not move the vehicle at the time of impact. At this time it is still not confirmed whether the driver experienced a mechanical issue or if the foot on the brake was lifted because of a distraction.

- MLWA 7 Moses Lake, WA KVEW 42/ KAPP 35 Kennewick, WA

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