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Trump supporters have breached Gov. Inslee's mansion in Olympia following the breech of US Capitol


- Olympia, WA

WSP has confirmed that a large group of 300-400 protestors have rallied on the steps of the Washington State capitol building and have breached the Governor's Mansion. No property has been damaged at this time.

Washington State Patrol and Thurston County are armed with WSP in riot gear gaurding the Governor's Mansion's entrance.

KING 5 of Seattle had their crews on the scene and have confirmed that Gov. Inslee and First Lady Trudy were home at the time, but was escorted away from the scene. The group, gathered at noon, sang “God Bless America” and repeatedly chanted USA. Although many of the protesters questioned the validity of the presidential election, they said they had no intent on violence or entering the Capitol. Many of the protesters said they wanted more transparency around the election, including an audit of the results according to KING 5.

This is a breaking news event and the page will be updated as more information becomes available. Stay with MLWA 7 for more top stories.

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