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US CBP Agent Injured in rollover crash on the 395 highway fatally injuring K9

- Colville, WA

A United States Customs and Border Protection agent has been injured on the 395 highway in Northeastern Washington near the small town of Colville, the K9 partner, Jackie, died from the injuries. The agent and K9 Jackie were patrolling northwest of Colville, when the border patrol car hit a patch of black ice and lost control. The vehicle slid down an embankment, rolling several times before crashing. The agent and K9 Jackie both suffered injuries in the crash.

First responders were able to extract the two, though K9 Jackie died at the scene shortly after. The Border Patrol agent was transported to the hospital.

“Thank you to all the rescuers and medical staff involved and please remember K9 Jackie and the agent in your thoughts and prayers,” said Acting Chief Patrol Agent David BeMiller. “We understand the risks that we take as well as our K9 partners; it is never easy when we lose a partner.”

K9 Jackie had been in service since April 2015.

Colville, Washington is located 41 miles south of British Columbia and the Grand Forks BC - Laurier WA border station.

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