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VIDEO: Details involving MLPD and Grant Co Deputies in July

- Moses Lake, WA


Investigation continues into the Officer-Involved-Shooting incident from 7/10/22 involving the Grant County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) and Moses Lake Police Department (MLPD). The attached video is the initial contact between Deputy Tyson Voss and Robert Gwinn. Deputy Voss’s body camera is activated as he attempts to stop Gwinn who is traveling in a Nissan passenger vehicle. You can hear initial gunshots and Deputy Voss’s reaction has he is being fired upon. As Deputy Voss exit’s his patrol vehicle you can hear additional shots being fired at him and then Deputy Voss fires his duty weapon at Gwinn.

CBIT Investigators were able to locate a handgun that was suspected as being used by Gwinn in the Jeep he had taken while fleeing from law enforcement. The firearm located is a 9mm handgun and matches the one seen in home surveillance video of Gwinn carrying. Investigators had also collected 9mm casings at the scene of the initial shooting and inside of the Nissan passenger vehicle Gwinn was originally contacted in.

Investigators are continuing to interview potential witnesses and will be forwarding evidence off to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab for further analysis. Investigators will have a big task writing and gathering reports from those involved and at some point in the future hand the case file off to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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