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VIDEO: ML City Manager asking everyone to avoid large Super Bowl gatherings "We have to push on"

- Moses Lake, WA

Moses Lake City Manager Allison Williams is asking everyone to play it safe Super Bowl weekend. Williams said that after every major event and holiday COVID-19 cases have spiked.

"Every holiday that has come around we have seen a huge spike in incidents of COVID".

Williams volunteered at the vaccination center last Saturday, and said she was happy to see senior citizens thrilled get their chance to be vaccinated so they be safe from the virus. Williams also said what brought the conversation of COVID-19 home to Williams was her discussion with Grant County Health District's Administrator Theresa Adkinson. ML City Manager said Adkinson said it difficult dealing everyday confirming COVID-19 deaths in the community.

"If we don't get this over wraps then we won't be able to return to a sense of normalcy" said Williams.

Since mid January Grant County has seen a drop in new COVID-19 cases, in mid January the cases per 100,000 was 775 and has dropped to 492 as of February 2nd.

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