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Voters approving Eyman's $30 car-tab Initiative 976 in early results

- Washington State

Tim Eyman's I-976 is seeing a victory lead in Washington at 74% for a cap car tab fee of $30. Initiative 976 eliminates extra fees for everything from electric vehicles to Sound Transit light rail project along with reducing $1.6 Million in Grant Transit that serves the Moses Lake metro region and northern and southern Grant County.

Opposing Effect

If the initiative passes within the next 2 hrs according to WSDOT, and many other voters against the initiative said,

"Billions in car tab revenue will be lost"

Many mega companies and environmentalist groups in Washington have been pushing no on Tim Eyman's I-976 because it will cut the state's infrastructure budget and will risk WSP's $15 Million budget. I-976 threatens more than $25 billion in road, rail and public transportation investments that connect millions of people to jobs, education, health care, and each other every year.

Approving Effect

Tim Eyman's initiative will cap car tab fees across Washington State to $30 no matter the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Results from Grant County

Approve 74.45% at 7,715 votes

Reject 25.55% at 2,648 votes

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