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Warden PD Officer saves overdose victim Friday night

-Warden, WA

A Warden PD officer was called to the 700 block of South Grant Avenue at around 9:45pm. Officer Greg Talbot arrived at a home and noticed a man in his 20s who suffered from an opioid overdose, officer Talbot administered two doses of naloxone, the 20-year-old then began to slowly recover and started to breathe and gain consciousness.

Medical personnel from AMR was dispatched to the home and transported the 20-year-old to Samaritan Healthcare in Moses Lake.

According to the Grant County Sheriffs Office all law enforcement officials in Washington carry naloxone on them at all times while on duty. Naloxone is also used for methadone, hydrocodone, heroine, morphine, and oxycodone overdoses.

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