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Washington not ready to fully reopen, but Inslee outlines coronavirus recovery plan

- Olympia, WA

Gov. Inslee outlined Washington state's recovery plan in a statewide address Tuesday at 5 p.m.  Inslee described the reopening of Washington state as the "turning of a dial," rather than "flipping a switch."

He said some elective surgeries, outdoor activities and some construction projects may return by May 4, but that Washington state was not ready to fully reopen yet. Inslee discussed the need for more testing in the state and better 'contact tracing.' The CDC defines that as tracing and monitoring the contacts of infected people and notifying them of potential exposure.

Washington coronavirus cases as of Tuesday, April 21 

  • 30 news deaths 

  • 197 new cases overall

TOTAL: 682 deaths and 12,282 overall cases in Washington 

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