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Widespread Verizon outage reported Monday night, affecting customers in Washington

Written by MLWA 7 Staff

WASHINGTON — A wide-spread outage affected Verizon customers in Washington Monday night.

Verizon customers in Eastern Washington reported issues with their Verizon service at roughly 8:30 P.M. Monday night, according to DownDetector, a website that tracks issues with services and apps.

Customers in Spokane, Seattle, Yakima, Wenatchee, Kennewick, Pasco, Yakima, and Pullman were among those affected by the outage, according to the website.

Customers in Coeur D’ Alene and Post Falls, Idaho also reported issues with their service. The outage was reported across Oregon as well.

A customer reportedly received this text message from Verizon Monday night.

“There is a mass Verizon outage stretching across the country affecting Verizon based cellphone, wifi, and other Verizon network devices. There is no known ETA for service to be restored. Please only call 911 to report life or death situations. Thank you for your patience,” the text from Verizon stated.

The outage involved three states. Services are being restored as of 11:00 P.M. Monday night.

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