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Woman killed during one vehicle collision south of Ephrata

- Ephrata, WA

Early this morning, at approximately 2:00 am, the Ephrata Police Department responded to a suspicious persons call in the Swanson Addition area of Ephrata. Ephrata PD observed a subject standing outside a vehicle in the 1200 block of Sunset Street. The subject ran to an awaiting vehicle and jumped inside before the vehicle fled toward Dodson Rd. at a high rate of speed.

An Ephrata PD officer activated emergency lights and attempted to catch up to the vehicle that was travelling at high rate of speed south on Dodson Road. As the vehicle neared the intersection of Dodson Road and Road 12.8 NW, the driver lost control. The vehicle subsequently left the roadway and rolled.

An Ephrata PD officer arrived to the crash scene moments later and observed what appeared to be a male subject fleeing to the east on foot through a row of trees. As the officer neared the vehicle, a female was found outside the vehicle with significant injuries, apparently sustained in the collision.

First responders on scene administered CPR and other life saving measures as medics and fire personnel were summoned. The female driver passed away and according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office her remains are in the care of Coroner Craig Morrison and has not been identified yet.

Two males have since been contacted in the area and detained for questioning.

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