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Woman sentenced to prison, banned from Osoyoos BC after home invasion

The Osoyoos woman who barged into a young mother's home holding a knife last year and asked to "see the baby" has been sentenced.

On Friday, Judge Gregory Koturbash sentenced Sharon Forner, 45, to 40 months in prison and three years of probation, during which she will be banished from Osoyoos.

"Not only did Ms. Forner's crime impact the victim, but it also had a serious impact on the civilians of Osoyoos and entire Okanagan Valley," Koturbash said during the sentencing, according to

"Parents and children have seen the chilling video on the internet," the judge said. "Most are left wondering how something like this — something straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie — could happen in their small town or valley."

After accounting for time Forner has already served, she faces an additional two years in jail.

Castanet reports that Koturbash chose the sentence he did in order to ensure that he could apply the prohibition on returning to Osoyoos, something the victim, Katherine Rinas, had requested.

A sentence longer than an additional two years would not have allowed for probation after release.

After the sentencing, Rinas told reporters that she was "very happy" with the result.

"I plan to reside there as long as I can, hopefully for my lifetime, so I like that she’s hopefully never coming back," Rinas said.

In addition to being banished from Osoyoos, Forner will be required to abstain from consuming alcohol and possessing knives or masks. She will also be prohibited from having contact with those under age 14, according to the terms of her probation.

Last August, Forner walked into the victim's home without invitation. She spoke in a calm voice and said

"I just wanted to see the baby."

She was reportedly wearing yellow gloves and a dark-coloured wig. After initially leaving, she turned around and pulled a knife from her waistband, rushing the door with the blade raised in the air.

The incident was captured on the home's surveillance camera.

In April, after initially indicating she wished to stand trial, Forner pleaded guilty to one count of break and enter to commit an indictable offence. She has reportedly apologized and expressed regret for the incident since pleading guilty.

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