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Youth gather in downtown M.L. for justice, equality and that Black Lives Matter

- Moses Lake, WA

Dozens of youth came down to one of the busiest intersection in downtown to show that they stand with others protesting that they want justice for George Floyd and want equality. Many drivers drove by and honked in support. Others came and dropped off cases of water, as well as snacks for the youth group. Others who drove by flipped off the youth protesters.

Down the road on 3rd Ave. a small dozen of people with open carried AR-15s, and handguns were walking down the street protecting local business owner's storefronts. The open carried group said that they were there because rumors have been growing that an ANTIFA group from Spokane will be making their way to Moses Lake the night of June 2nd. While that rumor is false no ANTIFA group came to Moses Lake however, the open carriers will be walking around downtown every night leading up to the main march and vigil planned for Sunday that is expected to gather more than 100 local youth activists and community members.

The organizers of both the small protest in downtown and the main march on Sunday have both said that they only want peace to keep the memory of George Floyd alive and to get the opportunity to advocate what they want. They both do not condemn the use of violence nor will anyone associated with violence be connected to their marches and protests.

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